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Jon Dawes

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I’ve built a career in technology over nearly 20 years and learned one vital lesson: it’s not about the technology. My career path or the solutions I’ve built along the way.

About Me

I used to think my career was because I was into tech. Then I realised it wasn’t the tech, but the problem solving. Tech was just a vehicle. More recently as I focused on my ‘why’ I’ve discovered that actually at the core of it all I just love helping other people. It’s a theme right through roles in IT support, project delivery, people management and presales.

Since 2013 I’ve worked in technical presales, though coming out of smaller companies I’ve worn a lot of additional hats along the way including management, product manager, contract writer, project manager and commercial modeller.

It’s Not About The Technology

Though still a technologist at heart, I’ve come to realise that when it comes to the work we do the technology itself is often the least important component. That’s not to say getting the tech right isn’t critically important. It is, as anyone who’s lived through a catastrophic system failure will attest!

It means that most of the time, there is more than one way and more than one suitable technology. What delivers the most value is the services and capabilities that we enable. More often than not, the relevance, quality and reliability of those are determined by people, relationships and planning, not technology choices or feature comparisons.

The fine print

Welcome to the disclaimer! This is a personal blog and in no way reflects the opinions, thoughts, desires, attitudes or preferences of my benevolent overlords at work unless otherwise indicated by them. That should stop me getting sued or fired, right?

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As a technologist in a rapidly changing world, every day is a schoolday. Here I hope to learn in public and share some insights along the way. I'm passionate about helping other succeed and this is a small way to give back to the community.